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Weathering Gloomy Days

How to Weather Gloomy Days
In San Diego, our summer starts with weather that we call June Gloom. There is often an overcast, gloomy start to the day that can make it hard to get up and going. This month always reminds me the importance of not letting “outside” influences bring my mood down. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though. When people, weather, or circumstances are less than perfect, it’s easy to get caught up in their gloominess. In the long run, this does a disservice to ourselves and those around us. So, we need to work at keeping our positivity going no matter what is happening out there or what others are bringing to our table.

Here are some ideas for weathering “June Gloom.”

  • Dance in the rain. There is a beautiful song by Spanish singer, Ruth Lorenzo, called “Dancing in the Rain.” You can see her video here.  It’s about keeping your joy intact, no matter how hard it’s raining, and to make the best of every situation. It’s also, literally, about expressing your joy through dance. That’s what I’ve done my entire life. I let the music take me away. Join a dance class or just get out and dance with your friends or partner. Don’t let the rainy days get you down. Dance through them!
  • Remember the good days. Break out the photo albums or home videos and let yourself walk down memory lane. I love looking at the pictures of my world travels. I can’t help smiling at all of the good times I’ve had and it reminds me that there are more great memories just waiting to be made.
  • Stay inside and work on your inner self. There are amazing online programs that can help you stay positive and rediscover your joy. That’s why I created my Sense-ual Woman Online Program (link). I wanted to give women an opportunity to experience my empowering, guided retreats in the comfort of their own homes. If the outside isn’t making you happy, make yourself happy inside.
  • Wear something sunny! Bright colors have a way of cheering us up. Don’t dress in gloomy gear. Instead, throw on a color that makes you feel summery and be sure to check yourself out in the mirror throughout the day. You’ll even be surprised how it helps others overcome the gloom when they see you.
  • On the same note as number 4, wear something with a positive message. Whenever I see someone wearing a fun tee, it picks up my mood. Sometimes it makes me smile or even laugh out loud. I love creating my own tees, with messages that make others feel great. My tee designs have something special. Some of the message is backwards so that when I see it in the mirror I get to read it, too! Check them out here!
  • Start a happiness tracker log. Every night, write down something that made you smile that day. Note how you played a role in this happy moment. You will discover that you are often very much in control of creating your good times and that they have little to do with outside sources.

  • Shop. Yes, I said it. Get yourself something that elevates your mood when you look at it or use it. There are great online shops so you don’t have to go out into the humid air to find your next treasure. I started my shop by collecting the things that make me happy so that I can share them with others. Take a look at some of my favorite things at Sohaila’s Treasures (link). For an extra gloom buster, I’m giving you a discount!These are just some fun ideas for inspiration. How do you overcome gloomy days? Please share your thoughts

Until next time!

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