The Art of Ultimate Pleasure

The Art of Ultimate Pleasure

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Are you striving for ultimate gratification? Do you want to keep that flame alive and rekindle your sex life? Well, now you can…Sohaila will teach you how to combine exotic and erotic moves that will make you feel self-confident, attractive, sexy, exciting and romantic. you will learn how to add these moves int a beautiful dance that can be sued as a prelude to making love and for ultimate gratification for your partner and yourself. Sohaila’s secrets of keeping a man passionately and hopelessly in love with you. Discover ways to experience opening your mind, body, and spirit to love making, mindful ecstasy and sexual spirituality.

Preview the moves
Learn exotic and erotic moves
Hip circles
U-shape hip swings
Pelvic thrust
Hip figure eights
Shoulder rolls
Chest circles
Moves all together as a dance
Creative ways to use the moves
Practice Combinations
Other seductive tips
Moves as a dance in costume
Bonus dance
Sohaila’s boutique of treasures
About Sohaila

Approx 40 min.

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