Belly Dancing for the Voluptuous Woman

Belly Dancing for the Voluptuous Woman

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Belly dancing isn't’ just for one type of person, it’s for every BODY.
Whether you are short, tall, full figures or slim, you too can belly dane your way to fitness and have fun while dancing. This program will help you find self enrichment, fulfillment and exercise your self esteem to a richer and fuller degree. Sohaila and Debbie show you just how easy one can move your body combining movements together into a dance with grace and beauty. Practice sessions are included with Sohaila to make sure your perfect the moves.
Preview the moves.
Learn the moves:
Choo choo,
Snake arms,
Basic walk,
Oval circles,
Side oval circles,
Safety pins,
Hand movements,
Figure eights forward and back.
Combination, 1, 2, 3.
Moves to form a dance.
Amina practices the moves.
Sohaila dances in costume.
Amina dances in costume.
Sohaila’s boutique of treasures.
About Sohaila.

Approx 40 min

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