Germ Free 24 hour Hand sanitizer – Sohaila's Boutique of Treasures
Germ Free 24 hour Hand sanitizer - Sohaila's Boutique of Treasures

Germ Free 24 hour Hand sanitizer

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Save Money while truly protecting your home and businesses with our continuous, long lasting, ecologically safe surface barrier protection. A new non-mutating advancement in fighting contagious Fungi, Bacterial and Viral microbes.

Now used in all Ebola containment sites 
In homes that have had a flood, molds and mildews will leave a musty odor and can make you sick. Shield U.S. Treatment can irradiate molds and bring your house back to a fresh smelling home.
Animal mishaps are a common part of home life, Shield U.S. Treatment cleanses the root of the lingering odors and a spray bottle to spot clean any new mess can deter them as well.
Vastly improve your business health compliance treating your tables, chairs, counters, floors and walls. One initial Treatment will lay down a long term barrier to protect your employees and customers from picking up a contagious bug left with a sneeze or touch on surfaces everyone touches.

Comes in 8 ounce travel convenience size as well as one gallon size.

Coding Systems Laboratories, Inc. manufacturer of All Our Anti-Microbial Products
All CSLI products carry these Distinctions and Registrations:

  • EPA Registered
  • FDA Registered (no one else has this level
  • Class IV Toxicity Rating – The same level as WATER!
  • Again No One else carries Purity at this level.

Most still rate as Class II pesticides and require special handling to apply costly regular reapplications of toxin to fight toxins!

 Greatly reduces the spread of all colds and flu also hard to control virus and disease such as staph, listeria, MRSA, NORO virus, c. Difficil, e. coli.