Introduction to Zills Instant Download – Sohaila's Boutique of Treasures
Introduction to Zills - Sohaila's Boutique of Treasures

Introduction to Zills Instant Download

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Finger cymbals, also known as Zills are a fun prop and instrument used to enhance and accompany your dance. Sohaila will show you just how smile it can be to incorporate them with some favorite moves. To obtain maximum benefit from the DVD, the student should know the following dance moves listed below. These moves are taught in Sohaila’s classes and her instructional videos. This DVD is for all levels.

Introduction. Choosing a pair for you. How to put on and hold. Sounds used.
Music Rhythms; Ayoub, Beledi, Chiftitelli
Zill Patterns; Constant roll, Gallop, Beledi, Chiftitelli
Dance moves with Zills; Egyptian walk, Pivot, Choo choo, 3 point turn.
Tips/Use and care.
Live drum workshop with Dave Dhillon and Sohaila.
Sohaila Dances.

Approx. 40 minutes

Highly recommended book to accompany this is the Near and Middle Eastern Dance Workbook instant download.

Instantly Download and start learning today!!!!

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