Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment
Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment
Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment
Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment

Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment

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Shield U.S. Surface Protectant & Treatment 

This service will make your home or business a place that will contain and stop the spread of disease and contagious pathogens to protect your kids, staff, or customers from contracting a bug in your establishment.

Currently, bleach, Triclosan, and other harsh chemical based products are to only recourse to disinfect surfaces. Both home and businesses are forced to use these even though they are toxic and have leached into the environment after assurances that they were 100% safe. Triclosan is back under review with the FDA because it has been found in mother’s milk.

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BetterThings4u has found a product developed back in WWII. At the time it was developed to stop mold in US Navy ships. After decades shelved, as late as 2013, US Shield Spray Treatments were found to also eradicate bacteria’s, molds and mildews, and Viruses including:

Cold and flu virus, staph, ecoli, listeria, c. diff, NORO, and Ebola.  
Turn all surfaces able to prevent and contain the spread of disease with the treatment.
First service will lay the foundation. Only high traffic areas will need to be retreated and in most cases, once every 3 months.

  1. Sets on surfaces to stop contamination if a contagious person inadvertently contaminates (touches, sneezes) your counters and tables for others to contract, the flu virus can live up to 24 hours on a surface.
  2. Stop odors by eliminating the cause not just fragrance masking.
  3. Wet conditions will not allow mold to grow.

Wether the need for health compliance mandates or protecting your staff and customers from catching a bug in your establishment for 0.15 – 0.18 per SqFt!

BetterThings4U is Your US distributor of this product (2015)

There are income opportunities to build a service business with this product just getting on the ground floor

Save Money while truly protecting your home and businesses with our continuous, long lasting, ecologically safe surface barrier protection. A new non-mutating advancement in fighting contagious Fungi, Bacterial and Viral microbes.

Greatly reduces the spread of all colds and flu also hard to control virus and disease such as staph, listeria, MRSA, NORO virus, c. Difficil, e. coli. 

Now used in all Ebola containment sites

In homes that have had a flood, molds and mildews will leave a musty odor and can make you sick. Shield U.S. Treatment  can irradiate molds and bring your house back to a fresh smelling home.

Animal mishaps are a common part of home life, Shield U.S. Treatment   cleanses the root of the lingering odors and a spray bottle to spot clean any new mess can deter them as well.
Vastly improve your business health compliance treating your tables, chairs, counters, floors and walls. One initial Treatment will lay down a long term barrier to protect your employees and customers from picking up a contagious bug left with a sneeze or touch on surfaces everyone touches.